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The Upper Collinsville Dam is located on the Farmington River in the Town of Canton in Hartford County Connecticut. The Dam was constructed in 1867 by The Collins Company to power their facilities as a manufacturer of axes, hatchets, hammers, adzes, picks, shovels, machetes, cane knives, wrenches, hoes, bush hooks, swords, knives, and cast steel plows. The Collins Company closed in 1966 and the Upper and Lower Dams as well as structures on site were donated to the State of Connecticut.

In 2011 the Town of Canton used a grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund to conduct a pre-feasibility study to explore the repowering of the Upper and Lower Collinsville Dams. In addition, the “Collinsville Renewable Energy Promotion Act” was drafted to transfer Federal Energy Regulatory Commission licenses to the Town of Canton. The Town of Canton is currently working with Canton Hydro LLC on the redevelopment of the hydroelectric power plant.